JFPC is specialiced on concultancies and calculation tasks in Forest Science. The company  also produces software products for forest simulation, optimization and silvicultural planning. The company has ample experience in forest modelling as well as inventory and planning. JFPC has participated in foresrry projects in several countries such as Finland, Spain, Malawi, Armenia, Syria, LebanonLaos and Iceland. The presonnel of JFPC has working experince from sevaral other countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

The software products for landscape level forestry planning, developed by JFPC, include Monsu, MMForest, AMForest, MonteTMForest, CMForest and IceForest. JFPC has also developed software for stand management simulation and optimization, and forest inventory.

Monsu is a software product for multiple-use forest planning. The forest management plan is prepared in two steps.

  • First, a set of management schedules is produced for stands for the planning horizon, based on used-defined instructions.

  • Second, an optimal combination of stands' management is found by using numerical optimisation.

The main functions of Monsu are:

  • Data input and management
  • Calculation of current status of the forest
  • Planning
  • Forest visualisation

Monsu is directly applicable to Finnish forestry. However, we also have developed corresponding software for international use. For more information, contact Timo.Pukkala@Monsu.net